Tristar is your trusted and most responsible mining arm. Tristar has been providing its services in mining minerals such as Manganese and Iron from respective ores. With varied experience in the mining industry for almost two decades, services of Tristar can be classified under the following two heads:

Beneficiation Plant

Have been successful in extracting the mineral ore from the ground and worrying about the beneficiation process? Well, your trusted Mining Equipment Partner is also proficient in setting up your own customized Beneficiation Plant at your preferred location and that too at record timelines.

Whether looking for the best tools and equipments to improves the economic value of the ore you extracted or trying to set up a customized mineral specific beneficiation plant, Tristar’s team of professionals understands your requirements and provide you the comprehensive solution for reaping the best results in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We, at Tristar, take care of your holistic mining and refining needs and solve it step by step with our customized Beneficiation Plant setup, thus being your trusted partner throughout your mining journey.

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Mining Equipment

With almost two decades of experience in the mining industry, Tristar understands the process of mining minerals very well. That is the reason why Tristar has committed its services towards providing its clients the best equipments which can help you gain the most of the minerals and that too in a cost effective and efficient manner.

With varied on the ground experience in the field of mining across the globe and an experience management team, Tristar is in a competitive position to provide you the most reliable mining experience with the best mining equipments in the industry.

Tristar supplies the best yet affordable mining equipment which provides the most reliable and quality services all time and every time. Tristar possesses and delivers some of the most hi tech and technologically sound equipments to meet your customized requirements. Whether you need to lift, carry, or dump, Tristar would always be your comprehensive partner, providing you end to end services, that too at a comparatively affordable price.

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