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Have a mineral ore site in mind and sight? Want to start with the extraction and refining activities soon at the site? Searching for the right set of tools and equipments to support your initiative?

Worry no more since Tristar is here to solve all your mining woes. With the right mix of technology, timely delivery, and cost effective supplies, Tristar can become your trusted partner throughout the mining process.

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Advance your studies, through to successful project implementations, with the support of our specialised understanding and flexible solutions.


Gain fit-for-purpose engineering solutions that add real value through our unrivalled expertise, design capabilities and strong project management skills.


Identify and optimise potential areas of improvement through the insight, analysis, strategy and advanced technology we provide.

Our Services

Beneficiation Plant

Have been successful in extracting the mineral ore from the ground and worrying about the beneficiation process? Well, your trusted Mining Equipment Partner is also proficient in setting up your own customized Beneficiation Plant at your preferred location and that too at record timelines...
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Mining Equipment

With almost two decades of experience in the mining industry, Tristar understands the process of mining minerals very well. That is the reason why Tristar has committed its services towards providing its clients the best equipments which can help...
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